Dynamic Presentation Skills - Present to Convince

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Dynamic Presentation Skills - Present to Convince

Duration: 2 Days
Date: 7-8 October 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Venue: Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara


With the advent of social media, the value of word of mouth has soared to its pinnacle. It’s no longer a ‘Corporation’ connecting with a ‘Customer’. In fact it is people connecting with people. Without emotional association and worthy engagement a communication has neither value nor benefit. Therefore presenting countless data, facts and statistical spreadsheets may sound very intellectual and industrious but without connection and engagement it may end up as a brain drain. However forging stories into such presentations have been proven to be inspiring. 
Audiences become connected with the characters in the story and see the world through the eyes of the presenter. They begin to empathize with the new ideas and appear to be less defensive. Apart from inspiring, stories create retention as well. Retaining information is a constant challenge. Steve Jobs championed this point exceptionally well by using storytelling to capture his audience at the commencement speech at Stanford many years ago. His lesson stay hungry stay foolish inspired millions throughout the globe. In a nutshell storytelling can be used to drive loyalty, advocacy and trust.


  • Grasp key ingredients required to build an effective story 
  • Understand primary methods of managing stage fright
  • Comprehend the verbal communication and body language required to reflect a dynamic speaker
  • Construe steps to form an emotional bond with the audience
  • Structure introduction, body and conclusion

Program Outcome

Upon completion of this 2-day workshop, you will walk away with absolute clarity on the bountiful benefits that storytelling can bring to the table. Making an emotional connection while presenting at a boardroom or shareholder meeting will be a jiffy. Stressing vital points yet persuading your employees to gain a buy-in will seem effortless. Crafting an engaging story to inspire your clients of all personalities will come naturally. Methods of softening a hardcore technical presentation in a simple, fun and lively storytelling manner will be covered in depth. Lastly, as a confidence booster to all, participants will be coached on presentation skills to polish up their influencing skills and convincing ability. With all these skills harnessed you will no longer be a face in the crowd. 

Program Outline

SESSION 1: 3 Minute Self Introduction  

Learning Outcome:

  • To enlighten the participants about their own communication style and how they can improve on it.
  • To bring to light the common barriers to making impactful presentations and how to overcome them

SESSION 2: Delivery – Verbal Communication 

Learning Outcome:

  • Participants will be enlightened on key ingredients of verbal communication which are volume, articulation, pitch, pause, emphasis, and rate (VAPPER).
  • Video clips will be shown to give an idea to participants on how to apply effective verbal communication. 
  • Participants will undergo intensive practical sessions to enhance their grasp of the fundamentals of verbal communication. 

SESSION 3:  Delivery – Body Language

Learning Outcome:

  • Participants will be informed on key aspects of body language which are posture, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions (PEGF).
  • How to move effectively while conducting a presentation.  
  • Video clips will be shown to give an idea to participants on how to apply effective body language skills.  
  • Participants will have to do impromptu presentations to gauge their body language skills while delivering effective presentations. 

SESSION 4:  Activity on Singing a Song and Charades

Learning Outcome:

  • Via singing the participant will understand the importance of voice modulation and tonality to be incorporated in presentations to gain maximum impact.
  • Via charades participants will learn how to use body language to look expressive and charming while presenting to their audience. 

SESSION 5: Delivery – Story Telling

Learning Outcome:

  • To understand how powerful a story can be to emphasize key points in a speech.
  • To grasp key ingredients needed to narrate an effective story.
  • All participants are required to do a presentation while narrating a story to drive key points across in an effective manner. 
  • Participants will have to do impromptu presentations to gauge their story telling skills while delivering effective presentations. 

SESSION 6:Review of Day I Speech 

Learning Outcome:

  • All speeches done during Day 1 will be projected on screen for all to watch.
  • Feedback will be given to all participants on verbal communication and body language.
  • Key items which need to be improved on will be shared

SESSION 7: Content – Introduction, Body and Conclusion

Learning Outcome:

  • To understand the different types of introduction to gain maximum impact within 5 minutes of a presentation.
  • To comprehend how to structure a presentation.
  • To be clear on how to do a powerful conclusion before leaving the stage
  • Participants will be required to display effective ways of closing and introducing a topic. 

SESSION 8: Audience Analysis

Learning Outcome:

  • To be clear on the many types of audiences. 
  • Participants will be clear on how to manage people.
  • Participants will understand on the do’s and don’ts of public speaking.

Session 9: Practice Makes Perfect, Confidence, Confidence and More Confidence

Learning Outcome:

  • All participants are required to do 10 minute speech based on what is covered since Day 1 and 2. 
  • The trainer will evaluate the speeches and provide the necessary feedback on methods of improvement.
  • Participant will also participate in peer evaluation format where they will be able to give their comments on the other participants on areas to be improved. 
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